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Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab

As both a Physical Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach, I work with athletes of all levels and specialize in treating athletes in the Rockville, Md area at Healthy Baller. At Healthy Baller we believe in top notch care and 1-on-1 care. To do this we are an out of network provider which means we do not take insurance. (We do provide forms if needed to submit to your insurance company) In addition, I was a former Division 1 athlete and know what it takes to help get you back on the field and optimize your performance. If you’re interested in working with me for your rehab needs don’t hesitate to reach out to get scheduled. (Online & In-Person) My goal is to get you back to playing the sport you love at 100% both physically and mentally.

Strength & Conditioning Programming

In addition to being a licensed physical therapy, I am also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Strength training & Sports Performance is a passion of mine. If you’re looking to get started in your own training, or have been discharged from PT without fully reaching your goals or prior activity level, reach out. I’d love to help get you on track with your fitness goals. I will schedule a time for us to chat about your goals and needs and design your program for you based on your individualized goals whether it be general fitness, weight loss, strength, etc. Contact me for more information & pricing

Strength & Conditioning Programming

Lacrosse Skills Specific Training

In addition to being a PT and a strength coach, I was a former Division 1 lacrosse athlete. I have had years of experience both playing and coaching. I have a love and passion for the game and love to see that same passion in younger athletes. I offer individual and small group sessions focused on stick work, footwork, cutting/dodging, defense, draws, etc. If you’re in the DMV, I’d love to work with you in person and if you aren’t, I offer virtual lessons as well! Contact me for more information & pricing!


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