• Do you need a referral? No – Maryland has direct access meaning you do NOT need to have a referral. If you plan on submitting to insurance, we can provide the invoice; but your insurance provider may require a referral for reimbursement. 
  • Will I spend more money? No – With traditional outpatient rehab, you pay a copay each visit, which are continuing to increase in cost, and you are scheduled usually 3 times a week where you may only work directly with the PT for 15-30 minutes. Our model is different. We work individually with our patients for a full hour to be able to give more efficient and effective care. We create our plan of care around each patient and their goals to optimize time and money.
  • What to expectCome ready to work hard and get better. Expect to work hard for a full hour of individualized care. My goal is to get you stronger both physically and mentally. At Healthy Baller you will receive elite sports physical therapy to help you meet your goals and get you back to your sport.  

Other questions? Feel free to reach out to me on the contact tab or on social media!

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