The Importance of Mentorship

As a new grad, one of the biggest things I was looking for with my first job was strong mentorship—and I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for the amazing group of mentors I have with both Teddy and Wesley as well as everyone at Healthy Baller.  

At Healthy Baller, I am fortunate to have mentors helping me grow in many aspects of sports performance. I get to learn from 2 incredibly knowledgeable sports performance physical therapists and the group of amazing strength and conditioning coaches at HB.

Teddy & Wesley both carve out time in their already busy schedules to meet with me almost every week to go over different things. Sometimes we talk about clinical reasoning—treatment ideas, ways to communicate better with patients, research articles, etc to help me develop my skills and grow into a better PT. Sometimes its more business and career growth—talking about my goals as a PT, how to expand and grow, & challenging me to do things I haven’t (create content, talk to teams etc). 

In addition, we have regular staff meetings to discuss overall growth at HB. We have movement sessions where we discuss different ideas, drills, movements, lifts etc. Everyone bounces ideas off of one another making small changes to drills to progress/regress them etc. I love these meetings and they are such a great way for us to all continue to learn. 

The culture at Healthy Baller is one of a kind and I am blessed to be in a work environment where everyone is willing to help one another learn and so passionate about working with athletes and helping them to grow in all aspects of their sport. 

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