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As a sports Physical Therapist (PT), I am passionate about treating athletes of all ages. Sports physical therapy is not your typical outpatient PT. As an athlete, you need to be pushed and challenged in a way that simulates game like situations. A lot of general PT clinics do not have the time, space, or facilities to properly challenge you. My philosophy in sports rehab is to get you healthy and then bridge the gap between rehab and training to truly optimize your results. At Healthy Baller in Rockville MD, we believe in 1-on-1 care for 60 minutes provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy in a facility designed to enhance athletic performance.

Our sports physical therapy facility in Rockville, Md includes:

  • 40 yards of Turf for Return to Sport Testing
  • Squat Racks, Trap Bars, Dumbbells, Kettlebells
  • Versa Climber and the Curve Treadmill
  • Sleds, TRX Bands, Med Balls, and Plyo Boxes

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